When we eclipse the Sun!

The Moon can’t really eclipse the sun.
It’s all an illusion.

Our imagination often paints these two celestial bodies as enemies.
Suppose they were to cross swords?
That insignificant arid ball of dust would be eradicated by the god Helios within seconds.
But the Moon is still close enough to Earth and far enough from the Sun.
It can escape the fiery wrath for now.
However, when the conditions are right, that little sphere creates the illusion
that it hid the mighty Sun for a short while.

When confronted by the vastness of the Universe we occasionally feel powerless to effect any kind of change.
The complexities of the world make us numb.
The way we perceive our environment can make us feel powerless.
The deluge of disturbing images, hateful words and seemingly inhuman actions we observe each day burn us.

We can’t ever convince the Sun to behave differently.
But what happens whenever we avert our gaze away from the blinding brightness?
We might notice someone standing close to us.
Someone in need of shelter or assistance…
There where we DO possess the power to eclipse the sun!

Would you want to know whether we’re alone in the Universe?

Once, when I drove too fast on an abandoned dirt road I lost control of my vehicle.
There was no damage, but I nearly demolished an anthill.
Would they have been able to fathom the alien presence that almost destroyed their world?

If we’re not alone in the Universe then perhaps we don’t have the means to detect alien life forms?
They might very well reside in a dimension that exists “next to” ours, but we can’t reach them.
On the other hand, perhaps they’ve seen the anthill and just couldn’t be bothered to stop and investigate something so insignificant.
If they had enough juice and tech to reach us they would’ve, I’m sure of that.
When you possess the means to buy an airline ticket to an exotic destination I don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t go there at least once?

Our Hollywood-induced perceptions would like us to believe we’re the target of every alien race out there.
I can’t even begin to think how many times I’ve seen New York or other parts of America destroyed on the big screen.
Right, so we have some resources?
But then again, would a guy advanced enough to travel zillions of light years wage war on us to get to some resources in order to refuel?
Naturally his tech would be compatible with everything we have to offer!
It’s all conjecture though, and therefore quite irrelevant outside the sphere of entertainment.

Nonetheless, I do harbour a personal fantasy about visitors from outer space…
They land somewhere on the outskirts of a big city, their sleek craft is cloaked and they infiltrate our civilization.
Pretty soon they discover a few delights such as chocolate and coffee.
Some of them mate with the local girls and somewhere down the line a few inexplicably strange births will trend on Twitter.
But ultimately they leave, and on the Galactic Map of nice-to-visit spots, they will pin a note saying, “Not too bad. Nice scenery. No intelligent life. On the brink of extinction. Viable life-sustaining environment for another few decades.”
And then they fire up their quantum-whazza-awesome-drive and leave the anthill.
Once out of the atmosphere they will pop some Metallica, AC/DC or Led Zeppelin into the makeshift USB drive.
I do hope they take a broad sample of our art and culture!
May they also take as many animals as possible and relocate them on worlds without humanoid species.

The vain, cruel, quarrelsome and narcissistic human race might not be worth saving according to our hypothetical visitors.
But it would be a pity if our poetry, music and other works of art that reflected our fleeting moments of humanity should go to waste!