This is how we fall for scams each day!

Of course, I know you’re far too savvy to fall for phishing scams.
When you drive home you’re on the lookout for unmarked black cars following you!
They won’t ever take you alive!
You will never click on a suspicious link!
“Malware detection” is your middle name!
You know that just because you’re paranoid it doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you!
You encrypt all your password and personal correspondence with 256-bit military-grade encryption.
All the family skeletons are firmly protected under lock and key.
None of the losers out there will ever blindside you with a sucker punch!

But every day “losers” draw your consciousness into multiple threads on various websites.
They scam you with subversive trolling tactics, by writing controversial content— Deliciously appealing content you just couldn’t resist. Content that prompted you to “show them who the hell knows better!”
And we type, and we bitch and we comment and we click and we teach and we mock and we scold and swear!

And when the day is done we’ve been scammed out of that which we value most— Time!
Without thinking twice we invest a king’s ransom of our time without expecting interest, or any value in return.