Get out alive! Be that person who stays healthy at the office

Hank’s philosophy about life in the military was simple.
“I arrived here in one piece, and I’m leaving in one piece!”
For those who prefer something with more esoteric bite, Hank’s view could come across as being simplistic.
It’s succinct and true though!

Don’t neglect yourself.
Even when you’re working in a truly draconian environment inspired by the worst imagery from dystopian movies.

Drink enough water, and adhere to healthy eating habits.
You might occasionally become the brunt of ridicule when you’re always seen as the “health freak!”
But fear not, coworkers will find other things to rag you about even if you’re not worrying about your diet.

Ok, but let’s hold the horses there for a minute.
If you feel you’re not up to the health-guru approach that’s fine!
Just don’t change healthy habits overnight because you feel your work is too much, or you “don’t have time!”
And don’t allow work stress to make your already-bad eating habits even worse.

What about your mental wellbeing at work?
Do you allow obnoxious entitled coworkers to trample you into the ground?
You know the adage— People treat you the way you allow them to treat you!
Even if you’re the most soft-spoken person on the planet you can be soft without being weak.

There are mean animals in the corporate world.
They use their chauvinistic arse-about-face “my way is best” attitude as a template for viewing everyone else’s way of life.
Fortunately, there are excellent resources online about managing office bullies and those who have been raised to flatten others like the proverbial steamroller.

My point— Read, keep on reading stuff and empower yourself with knowledge!
That’s your right!
Everyone is entitled to a safe and healthy working environment!
Speak to kindred spirits and ask them how they elevated themselves from the occasional mire of toxic office experiences.
Get clued-up on the company policy and labor law.
Those who suffer for the sake of being popular or accepted end up merely “suffering” most of the time.
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