The golden squid relinquishes the stranglehold of a thousand sunsets!

“The golden squid relinquishes the stranglehold of a thousand sunsets with the birth of one lonely star!”
I like motivational quotes.
Actually, no! Occasionally I love them.
The wordplay— Clever imagery and a few thought-provoking snippets can be enjoyable!
But I often deconstruct them as well.
I’ve seen thunderclouds that transformed into downright ugly beasts before they were swept away by cyclonic winds.
None of them had the chance to be turned into cute and inspirational fluffy “silver-lined” analogies for imminent good fortune!

How are quotes working for you in real life?
Just when you thought it was safe to cross the street a Hollywood-styled typhoon hits but you’re prepared!
You have a quote!
“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”
Unfortunately, the storm doesn’t care about your quote and you’ll have time to reflect on the wise words while you’re erased from existence.
I’m guessing you’re not going to take a defensive stance and mouth off to the storm.
In all probability, you’ll run away or start praying!
Are “words of wisdom” therefore worthless?
Of course not!
Quotes can be inspiring though— They can kick you in the gut or prod you to try a different approach to thinking.
Quotes and things from self-help-motivational books can be quite entertaining if nothing else?
But I guess the main idea here is that inspirational words are as useless as vapid insults if they don’t become catalysts for action.

Forge these self-help snippets of wisdom into a proper sword and learn to wield it— Then it becomes valuable.
The trick is to make the words part of your armor.
You can’t search for the correct weapons during the fight— You should already have something in hand.
Words and wisdom are the same!
You need and understand that stuff before you go into battle.
If you’ve not assimilated “words as weapons” into your very fiber you can’t go scuttling about and anxiously searching for the “right thing to say” when push comes to shove!
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Undiluted words.

Words are powerful, they are the containers in which we brew our purpose and happiness.
They give us the means for expressing our fears, exorcising our demons and seducing those we wish to make love to.

I always endeavour not to dilute my writing or texting with a barrage of exclamation marks, pictures or Emojis.

Say it like it is, call it the way you see it…
And then refrain from adding a little yellow face that either misrepresents your message or removes all the impact.
I’m not a big fan of abbreviations or any form of “online shorthand” either.
If something is worth saying, I firmly believe it’s also worth a bit of effort.


Firmly embedded in the small death of our daily discourse…
I often hear you.
Strangle me with whispers and ostentatious phrases.
Then observe how I love to be prodded and dissected.
Cleave through my dullness without remorse.
But remember our symbiotic stasis.
Drag me down to where I want to be.
And sometimes set me free.