You don’t listen, but you care to much about “what they say!”

You don’t listen, but you care too much about “what they say!”

“A salivating monster with serrated teeth and severe halitosis is hiding under your bed.”
Ok, some childhood fears may surface!
For a few seconds, you’ll imagine that beast with bad breath waiting for you to fall asleep!
Once you’ve crossed the threshold of REM sleep he will reach up, shred your belly, and laugh while your entrails spill onto the floor.
But of course, you won’t pay much attention to my ramblings, because you know it’s a fabrication!

What if I improve these imaginary monsters a notch and escalate them into the “grownup world!”
I could mention in passing that “I think the company is experiencing some financial difficulties?”
I could add a devious additional embellishment such as “The cute blonde from the fifth floor said they were cutting telephone bills to save costs!”
Pretty soon all references to financial stuff get woven into an insidious, yet fragmented pictures of doom and gloom.

Exposure to fake news and poorly researched stories can have the same effect.
Yeah, we’re always so ready to leech onto dramatic drivel and inject it with enough emotion to light a small bonfire.
Instead of “listening” to the whole dynamic, our fast-food and fast-everything mentality taught us to skim over logic.
We’re so quick to formulate conclusions based upon “half-interpreted” potential facts.
Do we really “listen” anymore?
“It was on Facebook, therefore it has to be true! I recognized the name of someone I knew in that news report!”
“The opposition leader in parliament spoke his piece, so therefore it must be important!”
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Do you have “free will” or do you simply like monster trucks?

Slap your face!
If it hurts, then you’re rooted in reality.
Or not!
Because these days all reality is subjective and everything is a construct of our imagination and our experiences are merely chemical reactions and we’re plugged into The Matrix and life is meaningless.
Maybe all of that is true!
But whoever slapped my face made it hurt!
Was it me, or was it a temporary manifestation of my other self from a parallel dimension?
Living is tough these days, it’s hard to separate reality from imagination.

And then along comes the Free Will debate as well, lumbering forward like the “Higher Education” Monster Truck!
I don’t think it serves a purpose, but it is entertaining.
It’s a big thing you know! We need to take notice!
It makes a big noise and can crush stuff, but does it serve a purpose?
Don’t know?
You can decide.

Let’s suppose we have no free will.
We do stuff automatically.
Our lives are run by scripted algorithms and predetermined chemical whatnots and thingamabobs.
I’m not a scientist, but that’s apparent from my dismissive attitude towards the “latest studies” about free will.
Because someone studies something the findings have to be true?
When stuff is written in a book it’s also true!
Quoting someone gives you authority to be a guru yourself?

I’m not a complete savage though.
Many scientific advances are overwhelmingly brilliant.
And I can acknowledge that.
But something about this “we don’t have free will” debate seems a tad off.
A few random cool and great people I admire now spring to mind.
Leonardo, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Rembrand, Hendrix, Frank Lloyd Wright, Asimov, Einstein, Turing, Madonna, Hedy Lamarr…
And a thousand others as well— Far too many to mention!

If “they,” those people were merely automated scripts responding to external prompts, chemical stimuli, and whatever else, then I’ll be damned, I want the upgrade to my software!
I want to be able to “automatically” do what they did!

Even If I’m only a delusional creature on “autopilot” I want to be able to build a ship I can pilot to Mars and invent the perpetual motion machine!

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“Enlightenment” is a flashlight strapped to your head— So what do you “see?”

Enlightenment to me is nothing more than strapping a big light to your forehead and finding your way down an ominously foreboding and altogether nasty little alley.
The stronger your flashlight, the more you see!
It’s going to show you a path and help you to avoid crates, litter, broken bottles, and vomit.
You’ll also be able to see a dead cat and perhaps the odd homeless person near the fire escape.

Naturally, I can’t imagine knowing what “enlightenment” means for each individual.
It remains a personal quest, and personal experience.
I believe “enlightenment” requires a flow of energy, stemming from learning, observation, service, empathy, and understanding— and all of that good stuff flowing towards practicality.
Very often we complicate and obfuscate so many things for ourselves and push it into esoteric realms.
But it’s simple.
You already know your purpose in life— It’s to be alive.
Finding something useful to do gives your life meaning.

Everything else might be extremely interesting and entertaining.
All you read will certainly enrich your perceptions about life, should you choose to learn from it.
If this seems like a reductionist approach to complex issues so be it.
I’ll choose that before I adhere to an additive method of needlessly layering complexity onto everything.

Strap on that light, keep your hands free, you’re going to search for a dingy alley!
Enlightenment won’t be found on the internet, or in shiny shrines dedicated to the gods of retail.
Yes, perhaps you won’t even find enlightenment within the proverbial alley.
Chances are you might find something better, a “changed perspective” inside the absurdly beautiful mess called “life.”
And within that mess, you can choose to help the forlorn guy near the fire escape, because now you’ve “seen” him!

Why is it that traveling doesn’t automatically broaden your horizons?

Did that parcel you sent to Equatorial Guinea miraculously “broaden its horizons?”
Of course not?
It’s just a wooden box containing some or other obscure artifact.

So why would you transform into a better, more enlightened version of yourself if you move your body to another place on the globe?
You won’t change a bit.
Not unless you’re open-minded and receptive to new experiences.

I’ve been on trips with seemingly jaded people who were more concerned with their phones than the spectacular scenery they were exposed to.
Perhaps we can give them some benefit of the doubt.
Maybe they’ve been “there” before.

On every trip, the mind needs to accompany the body.
If you can manage to find something enjoyable within the bland construct of your daily commute imagine how many new worlds will unfold before your eyes— On the day that you take your body someplace new!

Allowing undiluted-reality to wash over you

People who crave “authenticity” are often quite willing to pay exorbitant amounts for a “raw” and “undiluted” experience.

Sure, everyone wants to go on the authentic safari.
We want an authentic diving experience.
Gravity-defying roller-coasters must provide real thrills and spills— An adrenalin rush that made queueing for hours worth the wait!
The chicken curry you ordered must be authentic enough to conjure up the Taj Mahal with each bite!
And when you are ready to settle down one day you’ll search for a partner who is the “real deal”— Without knowing what it means.

Getting yourself that “authentic” piece of “something” is all good!
What confuses me is a decision to filter experiences through opinions, likes, dislikes, and fickle preferences.
Without digging deep into the definition of “reality” you can ask yourself how often you possess the capability to see reality for what it is.
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And all that is now and all that is gone

Everything that you were, all that you say you were, the titles you held and all the positions you occupied— All of that has far less of an impact on anyone’s perception than who they believe you are right now.

And all that is now and all that is gone

From “Eclipse” by Pink Floyd

Thoughts about sleeping and occasionally closing your eyes

Everybody dies alone, and everybody sleeps alone.
There’s nothing wrong with taking loneliness to bed, but you owe it to yourself not to wake up alone.

Make sure the evening demon that prompted you to seek solace beneath the covers isn’t the morning angel who chose to wake you.

What we thought we needed, and what I chose instead!

Everything I need to know about Meghan Markle’s new perspective on reflexology!

The headline is made-up.
I’m not even sure whether Meghan Markle cares about reflexology.
But I’m not going to search for it online.
Who knows what else the all-seeing gods of content will send my way if they pick up on my search?
Zillions of “reality” bytes telling us what we “need to know” are in circulation right this minute.
Humanity lives on a steady diet of tailored content force-fed down their throats.

Does anyone out there in the cyber-realm of marketing excellence care about our true needs?
These guys are clever, sustain propaganda long enough and you wear down people, especially if you spice it up with cleverly disguised hooks that burrow into our vanity, insecurity or desires.
We all want freedom, power, and happiness.
Keep on telling me that’s what I need in believable, but honest-looking fake constructs and I might end up taking the bait!
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The purpose you missed on the path of “enlightenment!”

Dozens of publications that pontificate goals, living your “best life,” and finding purpose scream at consumers from bookshelves and e-book sites.
“Buy me! You need me!”
A lot of the airy-fairy memes out there convince us that purpose resides in abstract quotes.
It doesn’t.

Gurus who come in various flavors make a lot of cash when they teach us that “purpose” can only be found when traveling the path of “enlightenment.”
Many of the “signposts” we will require to complete the journey are packaged and sold in the form of “subscriber-benefits.”
Sadly enough “the search” can take up so much our time that it defeats the very purpose of the “purpose” we’re looking for.
“Searching” is a sad surrogate for “doing.”
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