During the day all seems well. But do you cope at night? (A thought about “positivity”)

Yes, you can “manage” all your daily trials and tribulations during your waking hours.
Consciously focusing on breathing and compartmentalizing the day’s events can become second nature.
The trick is to convince your subconscious self that the gremlins have all been contained.
Easier said than done? Absolutely.
During the day all seems well.
Most of us manage to build impressive coping-mechanisms over the years.
But nighttime leaves almost everyone vulnerable.… Read the rest

Why good times have to end and why we are better off for it.

My wife feels torn in two.
Last night, when we chatted online, she mentioned her trepidation about leaving her “other life” behind.
If we remove one month’s interlude from the equation, then her time abroad amounts to a year.
A year in which she put down roots, met new people— and got to love some other displaced souls.

We don’t want good times to end.
But good times are often … Read the rest