Looking at clouds makes you happier

Yesterday I ordered Chinese takeaways.
After placing the order I made myself at home on a hard wooden bench.
Diligently waiting for order 0004.
My first instinct was to check Twitter or Instagram while waiting.
But alas… I had forgotten my mobile phone at home.

I could only opt to either watch people or the clouds above me.
I watched people for a while.
And then I looked at the majestic cumulus clouds that dominated the sky.
An elephant with three eyes and a very large trunk was in my line of sight.
When I looked away for a few minutes the eyes had already flowed into one another.
It was a windless day.
And yet the clouds changed constantly—Almost imperceptible.
How many people were watching the same clouds?
Perhaps not many, because the small screens in their hands command so much attention.
The universe moves at a leisurely pace.
The rhythm of life…The rhythm that gives life.
Rhythm is a river.
Humans wish to make the river flow faster.
But the river knows at what pace it needs to flow.
It’s only us that manages to chase a rushed life as some sort of prize.
We attempt to inject speed into our lives—Based upon the illusion it makes us more productive.
That is the cadence we sacrifice for a fast life… Without any real benefits in the end.

I felt ashamed to confess I hadn’t been that relaxed for quite some time.
Within those minutes I remembered something about earlier days.
Pre-electronic days.
Days before social media.
I remembered watching clouds and pretending to be an astronaut—blasting my way through clouds…
And eventually clearing the atmosphere.

I believe I need to look up more often.
There’s a whole universe waiting to be explored: Both in reality, but also in the imagination.
I need to look at clouds more often.
A lot has been written about limiting online-time…Literally disconnecting from the electronic world.
There was contentment within those disconnected moments—When I reconnected with my own imagination.

-April 2019